Java Projects


The Place project was developed by my school RIT and it is a replication of Reddit's place. As student we were tasked at creating the client and server side of the application. We were given the Model Tier of the application. This was my first group project as I worked alongside Bryce Thompson and we used git Version Control for our collaboration.

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This was a homework where we were tasked to create the front end Graphic User Interface for the game REVERSI which was provided in it's entirety. Java FX was used. Though this assignment is short and seems insignificant, this is one of the assignments where I realized that I enjoyed creating things on the front-end. I enjoy creating the interfaces in which people use software and because of this realization I was able to develop this drive more.

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This was my first completely realized project. I worked on a team of five developers to create an entire Web Application Interface for an on-line game of WebCheckers. Throughout this project we worked with Java 8, Spark and FreeMarker. Every developer worked on different end of the technologies at different times throughout the project. We used OpenUp and got to really appreciate the software developing process.

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C Projects


This was my first project done in C. In this project we had to simulate wildfire. It is a similar concept to Conway's Game of Life which is a very common game simulation for early programmers to learn how to do. In this project I had a chance to fully realize pointers and structs for the first time an utilize them to my advantage. This code is lengthy and could use refactoring, but really shows a certain stage in my development where I was working out solutions by trying everything.

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In this project we were tasked to create code that would solve a maze given in a plain text file or typed via command line. In this project I was able to utilize a create Queue in order to search through all possible pathways. This code doesn't completely work and if I had time to do it again I would re-implement a solution using fully actualized breath-first search. While my solution does solve the maze, it does not find the shortest path.

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This Web Application was developed using React JS technologies and has a IBM Cloud back-end. It is hosted on Amazon Web Services. This was created on a team of three developers for the Big Red Hacks hack-a-thon at Cornell. It was my first experimentation with React JS components and I learned how to implement and deploy components in a 48 hour period. I learned a lot about the power that component development has and it made me more interested in front-end development.

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An application that lets you track your mood. This project was created for BrickHack V which was a hack-a-thon where we were given 24 hours to create anything we wanted. We decided to focus on creating an app which would be usable for student in tracking their mood associated with other things like, caffeine intake, hours of exercise and more. Our app is open source and you would be able to add more options for yourself to track. Currently in Progress: linking the back end mood to the front end display statistics. Currently when you log-in you only get a demo of the possible statistics using the same data every-time. Created the front-end using React JS and the back-end was created using MongoDB and Node.js. Worked on a team of four developers to create within 24 hours.

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This is a game developed alongside classmates in the Interactive Media major. This game is a two-dimensional game where you play as a unicorn and your goal is to collect the stars whilst evading alien attack and objects. JavaScript was used with the p5 library to develop the game. This was my first time using JavaScript and I was able to develop the collision mechanisms of the game.

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HTML and CSS Projects


This website was developed for my first Web class in which I now am a Teaching Assistant for. This is my first full responsively design website. It contains information about the pioneers of the Internet and the World Wide Web. I used media queries along with personalized PhotoShop elements to create an aesthetically pleasing interface for reading information about the origins of the web.

Origins of The Web


This is a research paper put into a website. It is responsive for mobile devices and contains information about the history of woman's involvement in the technological development of computers. I researched information about woman who had a big impact on computational development and put that information into and website research paper. I created personalized graphics for the headers and used JavaScript for the opening and closing of the mobile navigation which I retrieve from w3schools.

History of Women in Computing